Throughout the year we support various charities through giving away products or donating money.  


In addition to this, each year, our staff help us to choose a Charity of the Year, who we focus our fundraising efforts on.  


For 2016 we will be raising money to help make a little girl’s dream of walking come true - Isla's Walking Dream



Isla is 3 years old and after being born 12 weeks early, she developed Cerebral Palsy.   Isla is unable to sit, crawl, walk or stand unaided. The money we raise will help fund an operation for her in America, which will vastly improve Isla’s quality of life. 


It will enable her to have more control of her legs, therefore leading to a more mobile, pain-free life and help her achieve her dream of walking!


As a company we will be taking part in a number of Charity events over the course of 2016.


So far the ways we are raising money are:


Staff Christmas Party (to be held in January 2016) – all proceeds will start off the fundraising efforts;


A Sponsored Slim: Adrian Walden, Andy Mitchell, Dave Hodges, Fred Tandy and John McWhirter – they plan to lose 5 stone in 3 months.  They are having a weekly weigh in and we will update you on progress!


The Three Peaks in 24 hours – which we achieved with minutes to spare - thank you to all your financial support - we have almost reached our target for Isla!

We will also be taking donations for her at events we attend over the course of the year and can accept donations via our Just Giving Page.



 Isla and her family at The Cotteswold Dairy





 Tel: 01684 298959