Based at the Tewkesbury Sales Office you can contact us between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday for your administrative needs: 



General Enquiries:


Email:                   enquiries@cotteswold-dairy.co.uk



Doorstep Customers:


Please see the individual depot pages for contact information.



Retail and Catering Deliveries:


Telephone:        01684 293922

Email:                 tewkesburyretail@cotteswold-dairy.co.uk



Wholesale and Contracts:


Telephone:        01684 216808

Email:                 contracts@cotteswold-dairy.co.uk


Customer Feedback: 


Email:               customerfeedback@cotteswold-dairy.co.uk


Accounts Receivable (Remittances):


Telephone:        01684 298959

Email:                 remittance@cotteswold-dairy.co.uk



Accounts Payable:


Telephone:        01684 298959

Email:                 accountspay@cotteswold-dairy.co.uk



Credit Control:


Telephone:        01684 298959

Email:                 creditcontrol@cotteswold-dairy.co.uk



Direct Debit Payments:


Email:                 directdebithelp@cotteswold-dairy.co.uk


 Tel: 01684 298959