Our Farmers are fundamental to our success and we are very grateful to our partnerships with our dairy farmers.  


If you would like to work with us and supply milk to us, please use the online form to get in touch:


Organic farm:



Ken Samuel’s family has been running this idyllic farm since the 1950s after his grandad who fought in World War Two was given land to farm after fighting (his family has been using this land to farm for about 70 years!). He is the third generation. Ken is one of our organic farmers who is situated only a short 6.2 miles drive from the Dairy ensuring the freshness of the milk. When we climbed to the top of one hills in the cow’s fields we saw the amazing view that greeted us. This farm overlooks the Malvern Hills, the River Severn, and vast numbers of fields beautifully lit by the warm summer sun creating a view that’s truly stunning.



Ken bought the extraordinary robots, which give the cows the control over their own milking and resting, 10 years ago. The youngest cow, a Simmental cross, is only 4 days old and presently beginning the 12 week minimum time for the calf to drink its mother’s milk required. Ken feeds the cows organic feed from his fields across from the farm and potatoes. This feed of dried grass is aided by the use of clover which takes in Nitrogen from the Earth’s atmosphere and then releases it profiting the grass surrounding it. It also seems that the cows enjoy and find it calming to listen to the musical entertainment of Abba and others played by the local BBC radio Gloucestershire. 


Dave and Nicola Wall


Dave and Nicola Wall are recent additions to our Free Range farmers and they are situated just outside of Cheltenham, a short 6.7 miles drive from the Dairy.


They moved to Gloucestershire to operate a council farm, and are now six years into their fifteen-year tenancy. They milk approximately 80 cows and they keep a broad herd, including Brown Swiss, Dairy Shorthorn, Guernsey, Black Welsh and a personal favourite the Belgian Blue. It was so lovely to see such a wide range of cows in the field.


Having both grown up on their family Dairy farms, it is inspiring to see and listen to their passion for farming and their cows. Nicola has even named every one of their 80+ cows and even more impressively remembers them. It is clear that they see farming as more than their business and livelihood but a way of life too. Nicola has Cystic Fibrosis and so has even more challenges but they appear to take it all in their stride. It is evident that they make a strong team with their young daughter and are not afraid to face what comes their way!


A true asset to the Cotteswold Dairy Family!

If you want to donate to Cystic Fibrosis then please do via the link: https://www.cysticfibrosis.org.uk




Pugh Farm


It was a beautiful Summer’s afternoon when Stef, Anna and Roseanne from Cotteswold Dairy were greeted into the home of  along with their daughter Sarah and staff member Josh who works full time on the farm.


Calvin tells us the story:


In 1943 my grandparents bought Kempley Court. When my father married in 1957, he was given 15 milking cows as a wedding present which he took to the 40 acre Gravel Farm, Bodenham which is where I grew up. 


The farms remains an integral part of our family life as it passed on through three generations of our family.  Firstly to my father and then onto my brother and I. 


My Wife Rachele and I have farmed at Kempley Court since 1994 and our daughters, Helen and Sarah, both play an active role.  Sarah in particular works full time on the farm after gaining a ND in Agriculture.  Helen works for an accountancy firm during the week and helps out at the weekend, her accountancy skills will no doubt prove a valuable asset in the future.


Initially our dream was to have 100 cows but we have seen the herd grow and grow and we peaked at 250 cows. We have continued to invest in the farm and amongst many of our projects we have renovated the farmhouse and built sheds and other storage facilities. 


Currently we have 220 cows and the family along with our valuable staff members, Josh and Pete, milk the herd all year round.  We work hard to maintain the right environment for our cows and we are fortunate to breed most of our own replacements.


We are an integral part of the community and have an excellent relationship with a neighbour where we swap his straw for our muck, a great example of old fashioned trading!!


We are proud to work in partnership with Cotteswold Dairy.




Jack Griffiths


Jack Griffiths won the Taste of Gloucestershire Food and Farming Awards’ Young Farmer of the Year category, sponsored by the Royal Agricultural University in 2016. He works on his family farm and has introduced Jersey Cows to the family farm.


Please click here to read more about Jack and his family farm.





Staverton Court Farm - The Newtons.


The Newton Family took on Staverton Court Farm in 1958 and is now run by third generation Rob Newton.  It’s a short 8.5 mile drive from our Dairy in Tewkesbury, so the milk is really fresh when it arrives on site!


We met with Rob, his wife Nicky, his mother and lovely son Toby.  Set upon 300 acres of land, there is a vast amount of space for their 120 cows to graze.  The idyllic farm house sets off the most perfect setting to a wonderful summer’s day walk around their farm.  Walking to the cows in the field, it was great to hear of the strong personality traits and natural hierarchy that has emerged within the cows over the years. Not only will the cows leave the field and enter the milking parlour in a similar order, but also the cows even have a preference of where they stand in the milking parlour! The most interesting fact of all came from Toby, their four year old son “the spotty cows are the best cows”.


It was great to see how they all worked together with Nicky (not from a farming background) eager to help as much as she can and Mrs Newton herding the cows. As they were one of our first farmers to sign up to the Free Range movement, it was great to hear their passion and what it means to them. With comments such as “It gives us and farmers like us the recognition that we are working with traditional methods and it is great to know that customers can now make a more informed decision about what milk they are buying".



Godsell Farm


Liz, Bryan and their daughter Lilly Godsell run a beautiful Free Range Farm, a short 24.4 miles drive from our Dairy processing site in Tewkesbury. Their farm overlooks the Cotswold Escarpment and is a stunning farm to visit.

After having the farm in the family for 200 years and making the delicious Godsell Cheese for 17 years, Liz and Bryan made the decision to join forces with John and Jenny five years ago. John and Jenny came from a family farm in Cheshire and moved down to work with the family running the farm. With young and very energetic boys Ed (10), Tom (8) and George (5), they are all keen to grow up and be farmers. It was great to be with them all surrounded by around 200 cows and see them all, children included, interacting with the cows. It was truly evident that farming is a labour of love with Lilly and John telling us all about the different personalities that the cows have.

Their farm has a real mix of cow breeds from Holstein to the Normande. This is a breed from the north west of France that is known for its high cream content in their milk, similar to the Jersey cow.

After visiting the cows, they discussed the importance of the ‘Free Range movement’ to their farm. Liz explained how when joining forces with John and Jenny five years ago they agreed that they wanted their cows to be out to graze as much as possible. This means keeping a grass based diet and natural feed to remain sustainable. The Free Range accreditation has therefore allowed them to be recognised for the practises that they already had in place and is able to support family farms working with traditional farming methods.

Chris our university student came along for the visit and gave him greater insight in our close working relationships with the farmers that supply us with milk.

Check out Godsells Cheese – it’s really delicious !


From left to right: Chris, Lilly, Liz, Bryan, John, Jenny, Ed, Tom and George.

Hobbs Farm




It was a beautiful still Spring morning and overhead a chorus of birds could be heard alongside the cows as they waited in anticipation to be turned out to grass for the summer months ahead.  Jerry Hobbs explained that the cows know when the time comes to go out in the fields because they can smell the sweet grass and realise that it’s time to be free out in the fields.  ‘Turnout day’ for the Hobbs family is a real family affair with many friends and relations joining in with Jenni delighting her guests with an array of a delicious home cooked lunch afterwards. The farm is a pleasure to visit and highlights the great British countryside at its finest.  Situated along a quiet lane, the farm is beautifully maintained and picture perfect.  The new calves are playing in the barn and the paddocks are ready for the rotation of cows as they go out to graze.  The herd is a mix of Brown Swiss, Holsteins, Fleckvieh, Norwegian Red.  The Hobbs family have been trying to build strength and longevity in to the herd over the last 12 years and have been thrilled with their choice of breeds to ensure they have healthy cows going forward.


Like so many farming families, Jerry and Jenni Hobbs are passionate about what they do and want to add value to the milk they produce.  They use their initiative not only in the way they breed their 200 cows but they have recently become one of the first farms to join the Free Range Dairy Network.  As members of the Free Range Dairy Network, they now supply Free Range Milk to Cotteswold Dairy in Tewkesbury, which is marketed under the Pasture Promise TM label.  This has enabled small, independent dairy companies the chance to offer their customers a more informed milk choice.   Farmers supplying milk under the Pasture Promise label are required to comply with clear standards, with the assurance that cows graze in fields for a minimum of 6 months of the year.   It helps safeguard the future of traditional British dairy farms who have long established farming methods and in return they are rewarded with a premium by the milk buyer.  Not all milk is the same and consumers are increasingly keen to know where their food comes from.


The Hobbs family are demonstrating the importance of smaller dairy herds and are actively seeking ways that are sustainable in the ways that they are rearing their cows and the way they farm them.  If you want to know more information about the farm then please email us:





 Tel: 01684 298959