Cotteswold Dairy Ltd. supply milk in a variety of containers including poly bottles, glass bottles and pergals. The composition of each type of container is detailed below:



Container               Material                                                                Recyclable


Poly bottle               Rigidex HD6007S (HDPE) and cap HDPE cap   Yes


Glass bottle             Glass and foil lids                                                  Yes


Pergals                     Cardboard, poly-tuff dairy bag, 393PO cap      Yes

                                  and 7” tube assembly




All container materials are widely recycled and can generally be included in the recycling bins provided by local authorities. Customers should refer to their local authority for guidance.


Cotteswold Dairy Ltd. takes responsibility for recycling delivery containers including trolleys, pallets, and crates. These will be removed from customer premises during delivery of ordered goods, by the drivers accordingly.


Cotteswold Dairy Ltd. is committed to limiting the impact the business has on the environment; it is company policy to minimise waste through good purchasing practice of materials used throughout the business and reuse and recycle materials whenever it is practical to do so.






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