At Cotteswold Dairy, we have a large team spanning across 4 different Service Depots and our production site in Tewkesbury with over 350 people working hard to ensure that we can deliver great-tasting products that are ethically sourced and fresh direct to your doorstep or business.

As we manage every step of the milk journey from milk collection at the farm to delivery direct to the customer, we have several different departments that work together to ensure every step of the process is handled with care.

Our team is guided by our historical but still prominent values of Quality, Service and Cleanliness and our C.O.T.T.E.S.W.O.L.D values, which guide the way we work on a day to day basis. Take a look at our values and our departments below to learn a little more about our Team Cotteswold.

Our Laboratory 

The Cotteswold Dairy laboratory is an important part of the dairy. It is responsible for testing the quality of the products we produce. Each day we carry out approximately 1500 different tests to ensure our products and equipment meet the required standards. 

To achieve this, we are covering multiple shifts starting from 3 AM until the last product has been produced. We are constantly developing the laboratory by upgrading our machines and methods. We work closely with the production and technical department to produce the best quality products.


Our Marketing Team

The Marketing Department is a central function of the business supporting various departments across the business with their Marketing requirements. We operate out of the Head Office in Tewkesbury and support all the depots, Account Manager, and Distributors with any requirements they may have. We do most of our marketing in-house, such as artwork which includes promotional material, brochures, catalogues, packaging, posters, and infographics, as well as all our digital marketing in-house. We are responsible for marketing compliance within the business to ensure our brand is being used correctly and that we comply with BRC requirements when it comes to our packaging. Our team is small but we work together and lean on each other’s skillsets to get the jobs done.


Our Values

Tewkesbury Depot

Our Tewkesbury depot is not only where our Head Office is located but is also where our milk is processed. From this depot, we serve a wide range of customers including our Wholesale customers and independent rounds-people, as well as all our other depots. It is by far our busiest site as it is the main hub for Cotteswold Dairy. Our Tewkesbury depot has been located just off Northway Lane for almost 50 years and has over 250 employees.


Get to Know Our Team

The Family

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The Board

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Cheltenham Depot

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Shropshire Depot

Based in Shrewsbury, in the county town of Shropshire, we serve Shropshire, parts of the Midlands, Cheshire, Gwynedd and Powys. Serving around 700 shops, care homes, hospitals and other independent milkmen, supplying quality milk, cream and other dairy related products and essential household and garden products. Many staff have served with us for over 15 years and some even over 30 years, making us happy and reliable. We like to go the extra mile to ensure good customer service and satisfaction.



North Wales Depot


Situated on the beautiful Welsh coastline, the North Wales Depot has been part of the Cotteswold Family since 2012. Supplying fresh Welsh milk to over 2000 Doorstep Customers extending from Anglesey to Aberdaron. Over 600 Shops, Independent Milk Rounds, Hospitals, Schools and Care Homes throughout North Wales and beyond. We pride ourselves on supplying the highest quality produce and our friendly team delivering excellent customer service from Depot to Door!

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Chilled Warehouse

Linking Production to Distribution, the Chilled Warehouse is a critical part of the supply chain. The Team is responsible for order picking, vehicle loading of all customer requirements and unloading returned stock and deliveries from third party suppliers. Working in synchrony with the Sales, Production and Transport departments to ensure customers receive their orders accurately picked and in a timely manner every day, 6 days a week.



Our Production Team 

Cotteswold Dairy holds Family values at the core of everything we do, this is evident in its dedicated and committed Production Department. From a highly skilled team of Process Technicians, that produce quality milk and cream by controlling the intake and pasteurisation process, to the Team leaders and operators of the 7 busy filling lines.

Our factory churns out thousands of bottles per hour across all variants including all poly bottle sizes and traditional glass bottles. The packing team works hard to ensure the final product is packed in its relevant format ready for despatch to the customer. Cotteswold Dairy actively encourages a friends and family policy throughout its multicultural workforce. We are truly a family business in more ways than one.


​Cotteswold Dairy’s 3 generations producing Milk for families by families.


Our Transport Team 

Our Transport team has the responsibility of collecting raw milk from the farms and safely delivering it to our production site, this is done 365 days a year. Over a 24-hour period, our team plans 35-40 loads to depart from the dairy to deliver fresh processed milk to our wholesale customers. We transport our goods in refrigerated vehicles to ensure they arrive at our customers in the utmost fresh condition. 

Our current delivery area covers most places south of Manchester.

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