Cotteswold Dairy delivers to more than 20,000 Doorstep customers across England and Wales including offices, nurseries, and schools, that reduce their single-use plastic by getting their milk delivered in glass bottles. Our doorstep reach is also extended as we provide milk and daily essentials to over 90 Independent Milk Rounds across England and Wales.

Our Doorstep Delivery is done from our three main Depots in Cheltenham, ShropshireNorth Wales and Hereford and the majority of our milk rounds are done using an electric milk float which makes us a great choice for sustainable doorstep delivery. We do not just deliver milk but we also offer daily essentials such as eggs, bread, yogurt, cheese, juice butter and our very own Cotteswold Cream.

If you would like to set up a Doorstep Delivery, use our post code finder below to see if we have a round in your area, then choose your products and get in touch with your Service Depot to set up a standing order. 

Setting up a Doorstep Delivery


Use our Post Code Finder

Place your post code in the box provided above with spaces. If we have a round in your area, our post code finder will let you know which depot is your "Service Depot"


Pick Your Products

Take a look at the Doorstep Products page to see items that you can have delivered direct to your door, alternatively you can download our Product Price List.  


Contact Service Depot

Contact your Service Depot that has been provided by the Post Code Finder. If we do not service your area but you would still like to purchase our products, please use our Where to Buy to find a shop near you. 

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