Cotteswold Dairy was one of the first dairies to offer organic milk and we were the first dairy to offer it in returnable, reusable glass pint bottles in the late 1990s. Our 5 organic farmers are certified by the

OF& G (Organic Farmers and Growers Association), the cows are fed a diet free from artificial additives, chemicals and genetically modified ingredients. The cows on our organic farms spend much of their lives outdoors and graze naturally on a diet of grass and clover, but in the winter months when it is wet, cold and very little grass the farmers bring them inside where they have invested a significant amount of resources to ensure the cows have the highest standards of comfort and also have the freedom to express natural behaviour's, with special attention to cow health, welfare and comfort is a priority.  Many of our organic farmers have automated milking systems that allow the cow to have a greater choice of freedom,  the cows can choose when they would like to be milked, when to feed and how long they rest.

All of our Organic farmers are Red Tractor and OF&G Certified (Organic Farmers & Growers Association).

Milk sourced from our Organic Farmers is used to make our Organic Milk and our Organic Double Cream.

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