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Cotteswold Dairy currently partners with over 40 different dairy farms that practice many different farming methods. We work with Conventional, Organic, Free Range, Welsh, and Jersey and Guernsey Farmers. All of our farmers and Cotteswold Dairy are Red Tractor Certified as well as certified for milk types such as Organic and Free Range. 

We process over 100 million litres on-site at our Tewkesbury Depot and we are an ideal partner for local farmers. We own and manage our entire milk process from farm collection to delivery direct to the customer so you can rest assured that your milk is packaged with care and made into high quality products. 

We have a fully functioning laboratory that tests all milk as it comes in to ensure its quality and we hold all our farmers to high standards around ethical treatment of their cows. We are proud of our farmers as they have such high standards for health and welfare of their animals and this is ever apparent whenever we visit the farms. We truly believe that a happy cow produces great tasting milk, and this ethos, as well as our partnership with our farmers, is why our customers choose us when they want to support their local dairy farmers. 

Our producers have been farming for many generations and most of them would agree that it is a way of life that they have been brought up to know and love and wouldn’t want to do anything else.

If you are interested in supplying us with milk or need more information about working with us, get in contact below.


“The reason we sell our milk to Cotteswold Dairy is that they are a family business just like ours and if you want to speak to the Managing Director, George Workman, he is at the end of the phone, he knows every one of his producers by name and comes out on farm for meetings. 

The tanker drivers are fantastic, they do all they can to collect our milk and will always go the extra mile”

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