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Our Purpose

Here at Cotteswold Dairy we are committed to our purpose of being at the heart of a responsible and sustainable dairy community. Each day, we embody our mission by integrating it into everything we do.

Navigating the way forward with Sustainable Transportation

We are working towards making our transportation as sustainable as possible to reduce our carbon footprint and our fleet emissions.

We have been using electric milk floats to deliver to our doorstep customers for over 70 years and where possible, we use electric over non-electric floats​

Cotteswold Dairy Free Range Farms

Working closely with the farming community

We are proud to work closely with hard-working farmers who provide us with great-tasting milk. We have our very own Farm Liaison Officer who is in constant communication with each one. You can read more about them here.

We believe that a strong relationship with our farmers is one of the most important aspects of getting the best milk to our customers.


Conventioanl Farms


Organic Farms


Welsh Farms


Channel Island Farms

All of our farmers are Red Tractor Certified, ensuring high animal welfare standards are maintained through regular audits.

Our farms are all within 60 miles of our production site in Tewkesbury, helping us reduce our carbon footprint.

Our Climate Commitment program helps us make progress towards reducing environmental impacts.


Sustainable and Responsible Packaging

Cotteswold Dairy has been putting milk in glass bottles ever since 1938, which are collected from our customers then washed, sterilized and reused around 30 times before being recycled and made into new glass bottles. We encourage all of our Doorstep customers to choose glass and we work with local schools, businesses and cafes to reduce their single-use plastic by choosing our glass bottles. We not only serve milk in glass bottles but fruit juice, milkshakes and water too.

Milk Bottle.png

When glass is not an option, we try to encourage the use of a pergal machine:

A milk dispensing machine which can hold up to 24 pints of milk, thus reducing plastic waste.

Recycle Logo.png

Our other main source of product packaging is poly bottles, which are 100% recyclable. In the UK, poly bottles are recycled in a closed-loop, meaning that the bottle you put in the recycling bin can be made into a new plastic bottle

If you want to learn more about our product packaging and recyclability, please click here to see our recyclability chart.

Embracing Responsibility and Sustainability at the Dairy. 

The dairy has recently launched an improvement project to further educate customers, delivers and environmental benefits to collecting, repairing and reusing wooden pallets. This project demonstrated an 8% improvement from the previous year which is materialised as:


1841 Pallets (energy / material ) saved annually. 

30.03 Tonnes of wood saved anually. 

Effluent is liquid wastewater from dairy processing. The food solids from our effluent treatment plant are sent to an anaerobic digestion facility to produce biogas, a renewable fuel that can power vehicles or supply eco-friendly energy to households.

In 2022 the dairy has reduced its effluent waste by 14% year on year. 

You can learn more about current and future actions we take to live by our purpose of being at the heart of a responsible and sustainable dairy community in our impact report. 

If you would like to know more about the actions we take to be at the heart of a responsible and sustainable dairy community,

please get in touch.

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