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Christmas is a time for indulgence and the Belton Farms Fox Box offers a perfect selection of cheeses, crackers, and relish for you to enjoy.


Inside the box: 


200g Red Fox - An intense and complex blend of sweet and savoury distinctive flavours.

200g Smoked Red Fox - Matured for between 16-18  months and naturally smoked for 10 hours over Oak chips. 

1kg Vintage Red Fox - Matured for around 18 months, giving a greater depth of flavour, Vintage Red Fox is an aged Red Leicester.

200g White Fox - Slowly matured, White Fox  develops a ‘crunch’, giving a rugged mouth feel and depth of flavour.

105g Peters Yard Crackers - These crackers are crafted from natural ingredients including Shipton Mill flour and organic fresh milk.

312g Mrs Darlington BBQ Relish -  Sweet, smokey and very moreish.



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