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First Cotteswold Academy Graduates pass with flying colours!!

As we finish up the first year of the Cotteswold Academy, we would like to congratulate all our Graduates for 2022! You have all done exceptional work and you should be very proud of your achievements.

Cotteswold Academy is a 10-month program aimed at developing #businessacumen and providing individuals in the business with a practical and educational knowledge that they can use in their everyday working life to further their careers and harness their natural leadership skills. The cohort is taken through various workshops aligned to the Academy Cultural Pillars of Leading, Performing, Well-being and Structure and is delivered by senior leaders of the business. The Academy incorporates business fundamentals such as #LEANSIXSIGMA and the #TIMWOOD method and our candidates graduate from the course with valuable tools that can be used to effectively and efficiently manage and lead change across the business.

As well as being an opportunity to get people together and team build, the Cotteswold Academy deliberately selects individuals from different areas of the business so that they can learn how what they do in a day interlinks into other areas of the business thus instilling that “We are a Team” and “We are Team Cotteswold.”

Skills and knowledge obtained in the Cotteswold Academy can not only be used to build a career at Cotteswold Dairy but can also be taken with the individual as they grow professionally. “As we understand that people are our most valuable asset, we see this as an investment in our people to help them grow so that they can help us lead and drive the business forward.” ~ Managing Director George Workman”

All employees are encouraged to apply to the Cotteswold Academy and the selected individuals are supported by their peers and managers to complete the course and submit their final projects. “Our favourite part of the course is when our candidates present their final projects using their skills and key learnings from the course and present their ideas for changes big and small that can help make things better around the business not only for the employees but for the business as a whole. These ideas are then evaluated and if appropriate are used to drive change forward which helps us instil that we listen, we care and we value our employees.” Operations Director & Program Lead ~ Justin Young.

Our 2022 cohort has graduated with significant success, exceeding our growth and personal development expectations which demonstrates why our employees are our biggest assets.

#CONGRATULATIONS from all of us at Cotteswold Dairy!!


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