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Our Welsh milk rebrand.

Prior to 2012, South Caernarfon Creameries (Dragon) produced their own milk came to the decision that producing milk was no longer their main focus. This is when Cotteswold Dairy decided to form a partnership with Dragon to carry on providing Welsh milk to the people of wales.

In 2020 we decided to give the milk a rebrand and although it’s the same great tasting Welsh milk as before, the label now has a new and refreshed look.

We have changed the name to Cotteswold Welsh and kept the design simple yet effective.

As stated, the milk inside the bottle is still the same and is sourced from Welsh family farms who practice traditional farming methods. On these farms the cows have the freedom to enjoy the lush Welsh country side during the warmer months of the year. All our Welsh Farmers take pride in Welsh Farming and are dedicated to the quality of life for the cows and the products that are produced. They are all Red Tractor Assured and exceed industry standards for animal welfare. Why not grab a bottle for yourself and see what makes Welsh milk so good!


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