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A move towards sustainable transportation

At Cotteswold Dairy, we are always looking for ways to be more environmentally friendly and sustainable to reduce our environmental impact. We take many steps in our day to day operations to do what we can to be sustainable such as sourcing milk from local farmers and investing in the latest transportation technology.

Our decision to purchase the new Vector HE 19 refrigeration units for our curtain sider trailers was a simple one as it delivers high performing cooling and refrigeration while being approximately 35% more efficient than competitor products. This makes it more environmentally friendly and sustainable which is a big focus for our business. These units use the latest technology in refrigeration, refrigerant R-452A which has been specifically developed for lower environmental impact and is estimated to reduce the impact in half when compared to current traditional refrigerant applications. The Vector HE 19 unit is also a lot thinner than our existing refrigeration units which allow us to optimize space on our trailers and improve our shipping efficiency among other features which help us reduce our emissions, reduce our fuel usage and reduce noise pollution which all help us reduce our overall environmental impact.

“It’s a great step forward to do what we can to achieve our environmental goals as a business” ~ Cotteswold Dairy Fleet Logistics Manager, Ruairi Spencer

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