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Celebrating Welsh Farming.

Cotteswold Dairy’s Welsh milk is sourced from 14 family farms in the South East of Wales. During the warmer months, these cows enjoy grazing the fields of luscious green grass. In the colder months, the cows are then housed to protect them from bad weather, this helps to ensure a balanced diet is fed to each cow.

All of our Welsh farms, like the conventional farms, are Red Tractor assured and have to comply to ensure their animals' excellent health and well-being. The farmers are very proud of their high production standards and aim to farm in the most climate-friendly way possible whilst actively managing pastures. Have a look into the lives of just a handful of our Welsh Farmers.

HG Robinson & Sons

The Robinson family relocated to Grosmont Wood farm in Abergavenny 8 years ago and have been milking in their family for over 100 years. Robert’s grandfather started milking at Brook Farm after returning from serving in the war. The family describe their cows as family and take care in producing their milk with high standards of welfare, working in a sustainable way and in harmony with the beautiful environment and landscape surrounding them.

DB & RM Edwards.

The Edwards family is a 5th generation family farm and has been supplying Cotteswold Dairy with Welsh Milk since 2013. David’s great-grandfather purchased and started farming at Whitehall farm back in 1922, the Edward’s family are now proud to say they have been farming there for over 100 years, which is a great achievement!

WLS Morgan & Sons

Since 1967 the Morgan family have been producing milk on their farm just outside Raglan in Monmouthshire. They are proud to be able to say that their milk is sourced locally and then processed for their local community; their cows can often be seen grazing in the fields close to the farm.

We are very proud to be supplied with Welsh milk from such a great range of Welsh farmers! We take pride in our partnership with all the farmers and we hope to carry on building relationships and continue supplying our customers with the very best dairy farming that Britain has to offer.

“Being at the heart of a responsible and sustainable dairy community”


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