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Christmas Craft - Angel

Spend a little time this Christmas reusing your milk bottles to create a Christmas Angel.

You will need:

1 washed pint plastic bottle (you can also use a larger sized bottle), scissors or a stanley knife, marker pen, paint or spray paint.


Using a marker, draw the wings of the angel on the back of the milk bottle. Try to make both sides symmetrical. Cut around 2/3s of the bottle next, leaving the front uncut.

Cut and assemble

Get help from an adult with this part. Carefully cut along the lines.

Push out the wings you have just cut. Ask an adult to smooth off any sharp edges.


Using spray or any other paint, colour in your angel however you would like. We decided to use silver spray paint on ours.


Leave to dry or further decorate your Angel with glitter or other items.

If you have made your own Christmas Angels this year using a milk bottle, please share any images with us. We would love to see your creations.


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