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Cotteswold Dairy Reusable Glass Bottles January 2018

There has been a lot in the press recently about the use of plastic bottles and the waste it creates.  At Cotteswold Dairy, we are passionate about reducing this through delivering milk in Glass Bottles. These bottles are rinsed, sterilised and reused on an average 30-50 times before being recycled and remade into new glass bottles.


Since the Dairy started 80 years ago by Harry Workman, we have always delivered milk in returnable, reusable glass bottles. With the help of our own milkmen and independent milkmen approximately 60,000 pints a day are delivered to families and businesses across England and Wales.

With the amount of milk consumed by households, this is a very positive way to start reducing plastic consumption. Many of our consumers care about the environment and this is just one of the many ways, that we can reduce plastic use.  We are bias but milk also tastes so much better out of glass than plastic.  We always welcome new customers so do get in touch to find out about a delivery!’


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