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Halloween Craft – Trick or Treat Carton

Get crafty this Halloween and recycle an old milk bottle into a handy place to store your hard-earned sweets!

Halloween Milk Bottle Craft

You will need

An old milk bottle, cleaned (We have used a 2 litre one)

Scissors (Use with adult supervision)

Paints (We used acrylic which worked well)


Marker pens

Halloween Milk Bottle Craft


To begin with, you will need to draw a spooky face onto your bottle, leaving a bigger space for the mouth. This is where all of your sweets will be stored!

We recommend using a marker pen to draw the face. The face should be drawn on the opposite side of the handle, giving you a handy way to carry your sweets on Halloween Eve.


Under adult supervision, cut out your spooky face's eyes, nose and mouth.


Paint your spooky face in any colours you like. We have gone with a pumpkin face so we have painted ours orange. You could paint a black cat or a purple bat instead!

We have used 2 coats of acrylic paint. We recommend painting 1 layer, leaving it to dry, then painting the other layer.

Halloween Milk Bottle Craft


Once your 2 coats of paint are dry, add in spooky details using paint or marker pens.

Trick or Treat!

Your spooky face container is now ready for trick or treating!

Halloween Milk Bottle Craft

If you have made your own spooky face carton this Halloween, please share photos with us, we would love to see your creations!


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