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Meet the team - Andrea Leach, Farm Liaison Officer


I have worked for Cotteswold Dairy for just over a year and I have to say it is the nicest company that I have worked for. Starting a new job can be daunting but from the very first day I felt welcomed, supported and appreciated.

I work with a small team of people in the technical department but I also have to communicate with many departments within the company and that is what makes my job so interesting.

I remember feeling quite nervous meeting the MD of Cotteswold Dairy ‘George’ on my first day, but he soon made me feel part of the team and what I really like, is that his door is always open and he will make time for you and that is something that you don’t get in many business’s today.

My role within the company has many different aspects that make it really interesting. One day I might be on a farm discussing milk quality and giving advice on how to resolve a problem then the next day writing a newsletter to go out to producers. I even help the marketing team with posts that will go out onto the social media platform.

The relationship I have with the farmers is enormously important, being able to communicate and gain their confidence takes time but so worthwhile, especially when they call to ask for your help. I certainly didn't think that there was a job that would be as fulfilling as the one, I am lucky enough to call mine.


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