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Twinning our toilets with Send a cow!

Cotteswold dairy has worked with Send a Cow since 2017. Each year we donate funds alongside helping spread the word across our Doorstep Customers.

Send a cow work with families across six different countries in Africa. They help by providing education, tools, seeds and livestock to those who are in need.

Many families that Send a Cow work with do not have access to any toilets. Send a Cow helps these families by equipping them with the knowledge and skills they need to build a simple, yet clean latrine near their homes out of local material.

Sylvia has seen huge changes to her family life since working with Send a Cow, but one thing she is proud of is the improvement in their home hygiene. With tip taps dotted around the homestead and a clean toilet, sickness and diarrhoea are a thing of the past.

Cotteswold Dairy has recently supported Send a Cow by donating enough funds to support the build of 4 toilets for families like Sylvias.

To learn more about Send a Cow and ways you can help, please visit their website:


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